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ISIS beheads terror chief who once guarded U.S. journalist James Foleys prison after accusing him of spying for MI6 ...

West will be next ISIS target unless there is rapid action, Saudi King warns ...

Putin calls for urgent talks on 'statehood' for east Ukraine ...

White House backtracks from Obamas 'no strategy' gaffe

Abbas blames Hamas for prolonged battle with Israel ...

Three million people have now fled war-torn Syria ...

Obama confesses: We dont have a strategy yet for Islamic State ...

Egypt says Morsi gave security papers to Qatar

Shin Bet busts Hezbollah arms smugglers in north ...

Ukraine accuses Moscow of direct invasion

Europe must take on bigger role in Israel-Palestinian conflict, says France's Hollande ...

Rebels capture UN peacekeepers at Israel-Syria border ...

S&P 500 Closes Above 2000 for First Time ...

Intel believes 300 Americans fighting with Islamic State ...

U.K. Terror Police Ask Families to Out Home-Grown Jihadis ...

Nato plans east European bases to counter Russia ...

Police Sergeants Union Warns Against Democratic Convention in Brooklyn ...

ISIS demands $6.6 million ransom ...

US forces move into Syria ...

NSA builds its own Google ...

Experts reveal it's possible to hack accounts with a 92% success rate ...

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Lapid calls for regional summit, Hamas demilitarization ...

Al-Nusra Front takes over Quneitra crossing ...

Islamic Jihad: 121 of our fighters killed in Gaza ...

We will never disarm, vows Hamas chief ...

Israeli envoy demands UN probe Hamas war crimes ...

Netanyahu, Abbas met secretly in Jordan ...

Prime ministers Bibi support plummets as fighting ends ...

Israeli drone crashes in Iraq ...

Mofaz: Arab rumors of my assassination are untrue ...

PA to tell UN: Force Israel out of W. Bank, or we'll seek war crimes charges in The Hague ...

Palestinians rescue settlers after West Bank attack ...

Hamas may be behind disappearance of missing N.J. man in Israel: officials ...

IDF hits Gaza school used in mortar attack that killed 4-year-old ...

Radar barrier could detect Gaza tunnels, experts say ...

IDF officer injured as Islamist rebels seize Syria-Israel crossing ...


Iranian General Threatens Surprise Attack on Israel ...

Incredible footage shows Israeli air defence system shooting down 15 rockets simultaneously ...

Hamas says Gaza Strip truce agreed with Israel, claims victory

Top US general in Israel for post-ceasefire talks ...

Gaza Barrage Kills One, Injures Three Others ...

New Jersey student vanishes in Israel amid fears of kidnapping outside Jerusalem by militant Palestinians ...

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